About The City of Kocaeli



Kocaeli was named after Akçakoca Bey who conquered İzmit in 1320.  It is surrounded by Sakarya in the east; Bursa in the south; Yalova, the İzmit Bay, Marmara Sea and İstanbul in the west and the Black Sea in the North. The 30° eastern meridian which passes down the eastern side of İzmit is taken for Turkey’s official clock time. The area of Kocaeli is 3.505 km2 It is located on an important crossroads which connects Asia and Europe. İzmit Bay, which is a natural seaport, is a crowded seaway. The border to İstanbul which is to the Northwestern side of the province passes down the eastern side of Kemikli dere which flows between Gebze and İstanbul. The borderline between İstanbul and Kocaeli ends at the land of Yalova which is located at the opposite side of İzmit Bay in the southeast. The linet hat passes through Samanlı Mountains constitutes the borderline to Bursa. This borderline goes up to the province of Sakarya at the shores of Sapanca Lake which is almost near Maflukiye in the southeast. Kocaeli, which is located at the intersection of import and land and railway routes between the Asian and European continents, is one of the most important industrial establishments of the Marmara Region as well as our country today. The history of Kocaeli dates back to ancient times. The first cities established in the region called Bithynia were named as Olbia, Astakos, Nicomedia, İznikmid, İzmid, İzmit and Kocaeli respectively. Megarians Thrace settled in the district of Baş iskele located in the southern side of İzmit Bay in 712 BC and established a city named Astakos. The people of Astakos settled in the area where İzmit is located today in 262 BC. This city was named as Nicomedia after the founder of the Bythinian Kingdom and it remained as the capital of the  kingdom until it was destroyed. Kocaeli has 12 districts which are Başiskele, Darıca, Dilovası, Çayırova, İzmit, Derince, Gebze, Gölcük, Karamürsel, Kandıra, Kartepe and Körfez. After the declaration of the Republic in 1923, Kocaeli became one of the most rapidly developing provinces

of our country in terms of industrialization. The prime reason to this is its being located in close distance to İstanbul and its wide variety of transportation possibilities. In 1936, İzmit Paper Factory which was the first paper manufacturing factory was opened and it was  followed by the second cellulose and paper factory in 1944. SEKA facilities were expanded in 1954, 1957 and 1959 respectively thus making Kocaeli a high level industrial area of Turkey after a rapid process of industrialization which continued on to today.