Participation Rules




1.       This festival is open to all performance group displaying stage performances. Any kind of stage performances like modern, traditional dances, sport performances are acceptable for the festival. Groups must be maximum composed of 25 persons including manager, dancers, musicians and a translator (20 CHILDREN + 5 ADULTS ).  The kids must have born in/ or after 2006.

2.       The participant form including names of the members (with profession, age and gender information) and the flight tickets (in case the group members are flying to Istanbul) must be sent to our email address no later than March 1st, 2020.

3.       Demo Video, displaying stage performance of the group must be sent to us via internet. The decision of participation of the group will be taken after watching the demo video on the internet.   

4.       The date for participants to come to Kocaeli is April 18th, 2020 at noon 12.00 (Local time). The latest, all the groups must depart Kocaeli April 24th,2020.

5.       Accommodation, dining and inner city travel expenses of the groups will be met by our Municipality. The transfer of the groups, which arrive in the airports in Istanbul will be provided by our Municipality. However organization committee will never be responsible to pay flight tickets of group members.

6.       Managers of the groups will be accommodated at hotels, as children will be accommodated at family houses. Each guest kid will be matched to a Turkish child of his own age. Guest kids must be motivated for the accommodation conditions before arriving.

7.       The groups who travel by own busses will receive 200 liters diesel fuel support. In any way, the money will not be given for this support.  (Attention: groups who will participate in the festival with tickets of bus companies will not receive any of this diesel fuel support.) The groups who travel by minibus will receive maximum 75 liters diesel fuel support. It is impossible to be fueled up any place except vehicle´s tank or to be paid the money for the gas.     

8.       Participants are liable to comply with the given program they have no right to cancel any program without any aproval Festival Committee.

9.       The groups are requested to bring a performance music of maximum 3,5 minutes. ( Live music is not allowed) Performances that are longer than 3,5 minutes will be shorted by the festival committee. The groups are also able to prepare a performance until 10 minutes long on the other hand. Long taking performances will be performed in other programs during the festival. 

10.   If you accept the terms above mentioned, please send the necessary documents (application forms, signed specification and the group performance video link) to the mail address of The final date for application is January 15th, 2020. The preference will be given to the first applying group for each country because only one group can represent a country, but other applicants will be in the spare list.                               .