Festival Previous Year

   In 2018, the 10th edition of this fair was conducted. Every year, the festival, which is organized with themes such as sports, professions, became the subject of science in 2016.Now ongoing festivals with the name of April 23rd International Children´s Education and Entertainment Fair. Approximately 300 thousand people visited the activities in Kocaeli International Fair Area in 2018. At the same time, this is another record for the biggest participatory of children´s festival in Turkey.


Many stands have been opened in different areas, traditional arts such as Ebru, Seramik, origami to glass blowing, kite production to rag doll construction.The traditional dance performances of the International Children´s Groups, performances of various theater groups, concerts, competitions and scientific activities in the Kocaeli Science Center have given the foreign and domestic children the opportunity to celebrate April 23 National Sovereignty and Children´s Day with enthusiasm for four days.

The theme of the festival which will be held on 21-23 April 2019 is going to be “Environment and Natural Life”.

            The Culture and Social Affairs  Department of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to improve this tradition by adding innovations.